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Police Jail 170 Protestant Christians

Evangelicals Face Neighborhood ‘Spying,’ More ArrestsPublished: Jan. 30, 2004 January 30 Eritrea’s outlawed Protestants confirmed this week that their neighbors are being hired ... Police Jail 18 More Evangelical ChristiansPublished: Dec. 15, 2003 Eritrean police arrested and jailed another Protestant evangelical pastor on November 23 in the town ... Government Confiscates Full Gospel ChurchPublished: Nov. 14, 2003 Government authorities in the Eritrean capital of Asmara have confiscated and sealed the complex of ... More Evangelicals ArrestedPublished: Oct. 10, 2003 Police in the Eritrean capital of Asmara continued the country-wide crackdown, arresting another 12 ... Commanders Intensify Harsh MeasuresPublished: Sep. 12, 2003 Fifty-seven teenage Eritrean Christians jailed under severe punishment for having Bibles at the Sawa ... Deported Christian Returns HomePublished: Sep. 12, 2003 A week after he was deported from Saudi Arabia, Eritrean Christian Girmaye Ambaye confirmed that he ... Mo…