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Government Cracks Down on Catholic Believers

Police Arrest 250 Wedding GuestsPublished: June 3, 2005 June 3 Police raided a large wedding ceremony in the Eritrean capital last weekend, arresting at ... Jailed Pastor Suffers Mental BreakdownPublished: May 17, 2005 May 17 A Protestant pastor arrested four months ago for participating in a church wedding has broken ... Sixteen Pastors, Nearly 900 Christians in JailPublished: April 20, 2005 April 20 Currently 16 full-time pastors are among nearly 900 Eritrean Christians known to be jailed ... Government Jails Another 11 Protestant ChristiansPublished: April 1, 2005 April 1 Another spate of raids against evangelical Christians during March has been confirmed from ... Prominent Pastor Disappears in AsmaraPublished: March 22, 2005 March 22 A leading evangelical pastor disappeared off the streets of Asmara four days ago, ... Government Jails 16 for Watching Home VideoPublished: March 18, 2005 March 18 Last Sunday evening, Eritrean security police arrested 16 Protestants for watching a ... Aut…