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Egyptian Doctor Refutes Charges Against Coptic Christian

Sisters Win Christian Identity BattlePublished: Feb. 3, 2006 Iman and Olfat Malak AyetFebruary 3 – Two young Coptic Christian women whose father had converted to ... Coptic Christian Dies after Muslims Set Fire to ChurchPublished: Jan. 20, 2006 January 20 – One Christian has died and at least 11 Egyptians were reportedly injured yesterday ... Church Building Regulations EasedPublished: Dec. 13, 2005 December 13 – Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak eased long-controversial restrictions on church ... Pastor Fatally Crushed by TaxiPublished: Dec. 2, 2005 Ezzat HabibDecember 2 – Under threat from Egypt’s security police for holding services at his house ... Christian Goes into Hiding to Avoid Court Sentence Published: Nov. 29, 2005 Shafik Saleh Shafik November 29 – With an arrest warrant hanging over his head, Coptic Christian ... Christian Jailed Without Charges in Egypt Finally FreedPublished: Nov. 28, 2005 November 28 – An Egyptian Copt jailed without charges for 28 months has been released f…