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Secret Document Outlines Anti-Church Campaign

Officials Continue Campaign Against Underground ChurchSARS Virus Causes Panic and DiscontentPublished: May 19, 2003 In China, cinemas and theatres are closed. Classrooms are empty, restaurants and business centers ... Christians Confront Religious BureaucracyPublished: April 14, 2003 About 50,000 Protestant churches and meeting points have been officially registered with the Chinese ... House Church Leader Sent To Labor CampPublished: March 14, 2003 Philip Xu Guoxing, a prominent Shanghai house church leader, was arrested at his home on December 8 ... Police Conduct Mass Arrest Of ChristiansPublished: March 14, 2003 According to the Communist Chinese internal magazine People’s Security Report, 176 house church ... Harsh Persecution DocumentedPublished: Jan. 13, 2003 The New York-based Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China has released ... Secret Document Outlines Anti-Church CampaignPublished: Jan. 13, 2003 A confidential document entitled “Work Plan of the Baodin…