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Pope Offers Apology and Opens Dialogue


Sunday School WorkPublished: Dec. 14, 2001 In China, Sunday school and Christian youth work are still technically illegal because of Communist ... Changes In Religious Policy Imminent?Published: Nov. 16, 2001 The Chinese government may consider changes in its religious policy at a major religious affairs ... House Church Leader HarassedPublished: Nov. 16, 2001 \"Epaphras\" is the pseudonym used by an elderly house church leader in Yinchuan, in northwest ... Pope Offers Apology and Opens DialoguePublished: Nov. 16, 2001 In what some regard as the most significant speech of his 20 year papacy, Pope John Paul II ... An Olive Branch With Thorns?Published: Oct. 19, 2001 Dramatic developments are expected in China’s religious policy in October and November that will ... Crushing CultsPublished: Oct. 19, 2001 A confidential circular issued last year by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security sheds light on ... Fewer Bibles?Published: Oct. 19, 2001 Fewer Bible…