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Army Reports Increased Violence Against Christians

Pastor, Lay Leaders Jailed for SubversionPublished: Nov. 14, 2003 The Association of Christian Lawyers in Colombia is defending a pastor and several church leaders ... Peacemaker Presents the Jesus OptionPublished: Nov. 14, 2003 Ricardo Esquivia, 57, heads the Mennonite peace group Justapaz, which he founded with Mennonite ... Two Priests AssassinatedPublished: Nov. 14, 2003 Two Roman Catholic priests were slain in apparently unrelated incidents on November 4 in Colombia. ... Christians Consider Prospects for PeacePublished: Oct. 10, 2003 Many Colombians credit President Álvaro Uribe with notable success in the war on drugs and the ... Converted Felon Reflects on Life in Guerrilla RanksPublished: Oct. 10, 2003 Prison is the best thing that ever happened to former guerrilla fighter Mateo (not his real name). ... Grenade Attack Targets ArchbishopPublished: Sep. 12, 2003 On August 22, two men on motorcycles tossed a grenade at the home of Medellín’s archbishop, a ... Terrorist Bomb Kills Evang…