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Christian Leaders Marked for Assassination

Violence Forces Christians to Flee Their HomesPublished: March 23, 2001 Battered with paramilitary violence and leftist guerrilla threats, almost all of the 60 members of ... Perfect Environment to Prepare MissionariesPublished: Feb. 16, 2001 If there’s a silver lining to the black cloud of danger that threatens Colombia, missionary Kelly ... Pastors Pay ‘War Tax’ to GuerrillasPublished: Jan. 19, 2001 Colombia’s violent groups are demanding money from churches and pastors in the form of \"war taxes\" ... Violence is Forcing Ministries to Re-Think PlansPublished: Jan. 19, 2001 Amid the rising tide of violence between rebels, paramilitaries and the nation’s army, Colombia’s ... Captured Guerrilla May Hold Key to U.S. Missionaries’ FatePublished: Dec. 15, 2000 On November 30, Bogota police arrested José Milcíades Urrego Medina, commander of the 57th Front of ... Guerrilla Group Denies Murder PolicyPublished: Dec. 15, 2000 Ricardo Esquivia of CEDECOL, Colombia’s evangelical alliance,…