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popoli SPA FED indebitati e nwo derubati e SHARIA ROVINATI

Immagine] Moshe Cohen [3 months ago] You are a Messianic Jew? Why? /// [ YOUR, is EVERYTHING, against Jews and Christians, because you have desecrated the Bible, through the Talmud ] I LIKE TOO MUCH WHY THE JEWS ARE PRACTICAL rational, materialistic, and it is thanks to this their mental structure: utilitarian and rational, that Jews have forced even God JHWH holy, to become man in Jesus of Bethlehem: into House of David: therefore God has been forced on the cross to show his infinite love for us! A LOVE SO GREAT FOR US, INFINITE LOVE, ALL GIVEN TO US THE HOLY CROSS, THAT IS A SCANDAL, THAT, CAN NOT BE BELIEVED, AND, ACCEPTED BY US, THAT IS WHY, WE ARE ALL SELFISH! and in any case, Jews forced, even God JHWH holy, to manifest yourself, among men from Abraham to Moses, to all the Prophets. SO: IN THEIR SENSE PRACTICAL MATERIAL, ALL JEWS WILL came, ALL BY me: lorenzoJHWH: WHY, I represent THEIR INTEREST, their future, the unique THEIR cha…