GRAZIE! ] [ IO IL RE UNIUS REI LORENZOJHWH, io sono riconoscente a tutti i "padroni del mondo" che conservano nel loro cuore la speranza per le profezie bibliche di Israele. i miei Enlightened Farisei preziosi. GRAZIE che mi avete concesso una così potente libertà di parola: nella ERA del Satanismo universale delle vostre Banche Centrali SpA FMI 666 NWO! ancora grazie!

ai miei preziosi Farisei Enlightened e a tutti coloro che vivono per realizzare la speranza di ISRAELE, grazie per il vostro amore, il Vostro amore: mi ha sostenuto sempre in tutti questi anni di: estremi combattimenti spirituali cruenti.. grazie, anche io, io ho deciso di amarvi per tutta la ETERNITà!
ai miei preziosi Farisei Enlightened ] e poiché il REGNO di Israele (speculare al Celeste Regno di Dio e alla Gerusalemme Celeste) questa giurisdizione universale appartiene a me, e non può essere ceduta, io sono costretto dalla malvagità degli uomini ad indurire il mio spirito, e quindi io porto, e sempre più porterò: a estrema distruzione ogni forma di opposizione!
ai miei preziosi Farisei Enlightened ] del Satana Allah che loro hanno voluto seguire, ora, loro dovranno condividerne: malattie disperazione tribolazione e ossessioni!


“Islam in Italia, servono più controlli”. Secondo Maryan Ismail, antropologa italo-somala ed ex dirigente Pd intervista dal Giornale, è necessaria la formazione, certificazione e la creazione di un albo per gli imam italiani in modo da aver maggiore controllo su eventuali predicatori d'odio.

REX LEVIATHAN REGNUM UNIUS REI, guarda gli ultimi video dei canali a cui sei iscritto per il 17 gen 2017.

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Thanks for those of you who have been praying with us.

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Dear Lorenzo,

We want to thank each and every one of you who has been praying over recent days for the Paris conference on the Middle East held in the French capital on Sunday. More importantly, we want to thank God for answering our prayers that this international gathering would not result in further harm and undue pressure on Israel. Although the nations attending this conference thought they were the ones determining the fate of the Land of Israel, this is a right and privilege reserved for God alone. Indeed, He is still sovereign over the affairs of mankind. And the fact that the international community was left in chaos and confusion about what to do next should come as no surprise, as this is often the case when we seek to defy God, His word and His set purposes for Jerusalem and the Jewish people.

Peace Over a Unified Jerusalem

Please continue to pray with us over the coming weeks as the future of Israel and especially Jerusalem remains a focus of world attention. With the Trump administration taking office this Friday, January 20th, the question of Jerusalem is looming ever larger due to President-elect Donald Trump’s stated support for moving the American embassy to the Israeli capital city. Palestinian leaders are threatening violence over such a move, but we must always remember that, at its heart, this is a spiritual battle which should not be waged by carnal means. Rather, we must respond with prayers for the peace of Jerusalem. When the Psalmist said, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you” (Psalm 122:6); the Hebrew word used here for peace – shalom – also means “wholeness”. So to seek the peace of Jerusalem means to seek its unity. It also means that either blessing or curse await us over how we relate to this city.

Please pray along with us that peace will prevail over a unified Jerusalem and that the threats and evil plans of the enemy will be thwarted. Pray as well that any more attempts to pass anti-Israel resolutions in the United Nations Security Council will be defeated.

The Last Remnant of Ethiopian Jewry

We also ask you to pray for the renewed Ethiopian Aliyah, which the ICEJ is helping to sponsor. Over recent months, political unrest in some parts of Ethiopia has hindered the processing and movement of Jewish families in transit to Israel. Meanwhile, there also are potential obstacles in Israel which need to be overcome, such as government budget constraints. Yet we fully believe it is time to bring home this last remnant of the Ethiopian Jewish community, and that the Lord has called us to be a part of this historic development. God removed the blockages last year when we prayed for the renewed Ethiopian Aliyah to be approved by the Israeli cabinet, and He can keep the door open now for these precious Jewish lives to return to Israel and reunite with their families.

Our Impact in Israel

Finally, we covet your prayers for our ministry. Please pray for the leadership and staff of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, that we would have that fresh vision and direction which will allow us to fulfil our calling in Israel and across all continents in the critical days ahead. Pray that this would be a year of multiplication of finances and resources for our ministry, as well as a time of unprecedented favour and impact in Israel and out among the nations of the world.

Greetings of peace and grace from the city of Jerusalem!

Dr. Jürgen Bühler

ICEJ Executive Director

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Isaiah 62 Prayer Letter for January

The nations might plot vain things, but there is still a God in heaven who will have the final word. Pray with us that the purposes of the enemy will be frustrated and another anti-Israel resolution will be prevented.

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Turkish Cargo Plane Crash in Kyrgystan: Footage From the Crash Site

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Turkish Cargo Plane Crash in Kyrgystan: Footage From the Crash Site

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Papa Francesco messa alla Parrocchia di Santa Maria a Setteville.HD

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