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White House: Trump hasn’t decided on US embassy move

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      We are all very frustrated and discouraged, the difficulties seem colossal, and maybe we would be tempted to wait for better times, but in the future? Will always be worse! So we must have the courage today to call all things with their real name! Shariah is Nazism: and ISLAM Coranic: is a genocide that the UN can no longer continue to support by denying its human rights!
      Siamo tutti molto frustati e scoraggiati, le difficoltà sembrano colossali, e forse saremmo tentati di attendere tempi migliori, ma, i tempi futuri? saranno sempre peggiori! Quindi noi dobbiamo avere il coraggio, oggi, di chiamare tutte le cose con il loro vero nome! la shariah è il nazismo: e ISLAM Coranico è un genocidio che ONU non può più continuare a sostenere rinnegando i suoi dirittii umani!

    Trump the pragmatist is becoming the Bull in the rink, with numerous Matadors (Republicans & Democrats).... He's slowing down.
    He needs to bash both the Leftist media and the politicians !!!!!
    Move the embassy to Jerusalem, the sky will NOT fall and the arabs will scream and shout (as usual), and the the world would be better off, and Trump will gain respect i the Arab world....

    Exactly right.

    You are right!

    I hope the Pres. will do as he promised. I voted for Trump and for me any slight against Israel is a deal breaker which would greatly affect the way I would vote in the future. Mr. President, be brave and do the right thing.


    Totally agree! Would prove he's a man of his word, a committed ally to Israel, and not intimidated by bullies from the third world!

      Yes, we can see what happens when our so called allies cave to pressure and allow themselves to be overrun by aliens (muslims). France, Germany, etc. might as well be governed by sharia law.

    I think if Trump backs out on this, it will set certain things into motion that cannot be stopped.....

    Very dramatic and mysterious... Did you figure out what things?

    This is serious. God is not a man that He will be mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he reap. Pray that President Trump does not break His Word. This is not just a campaign promise. This is His Word which God Almighty WILL NOT take lightly.

      Believe me.... I, and millions of others, will not take this lightly either. He promised. Full Stop!! If the other Muslim countries are not happy, tough luck!! They should have no say - it's not like they are friends of Israel, and should have the right to even comment. it's between the USA and Israel!

    You sound like the spokesperson for the invisible friend. Rather pathetic...

    May an Englishman remind you that you made a promise early on in your advancement to the `Top Job` was to put your embassy to Jerusalem. You seemed weak now, too many threats and you have failed to keep to your word ! I`m not a Jew, but a Bible believing Christian, the Bible makes Jerusalem the Capital and you should stand firm and keep your word. You will now risk losing any respect if you now fail in your promise ! Are you bowing to evil forces ?

    Now, that is becoming interesting- while Palestinians demand "East Jerusalem" as their non-existent country's capital, the Palestinians and the Arab and Muslim world refuses to accept, at least, West Jerusalem as the Israeli capital?
    I guess it's high time for Western world to finally wake up from their Arab-induced lethargy and move their respective Embacies to the Capital of Jewish State of Israel - the undecided Jerusalem.

    He promised it, he will do it.

    our family voted for Trump because of his financial view, and his friendship of Israel. we will be extremely upset if he breaks his work

      Yes, Vicki. Our family is the same, out here in Australia. Its pretty frightful to think that Trumpie may have given false assurances, just in order to garner votes in the States in the 2016 Prezzie campaign.

    be prepared. This Drumpf is quite ill. He is a pathological liar, with egomaniacal tendencies.
    May Heaven save the U.S.A! and Israel of course.

    I am repeating my response to comments I believe it was a Jerusalem Post report that claimed Trump was reneging on his promise to move the embassy. What that report noted was that Congress has already approved the move but it is open to review by the Presidents every 6 months, the inference being the President alone is responsible for moving the embassy. However there is also a measure being forwarded in Congress to take that power from the President so that he can not stop the move of the Embassy, that is how I read it.
    I suspect and could be wrong, but it would seem to me President Trump might want to wait and allow the measure and move to be initiated by Congressional approval that already exists, for two reasons, it would show broader support for the move by the USA and it would eliminate some of the stigma the decision is somehow arbitrary. It would also put the DNC in the hot seat and the 60% or more of its Jewish constituents who are opposed to the change by always voting Democrat.
    Erdogan is a like a cyst pimple. If you pop it you risk spread of infection. The man is a moral derelict he can not bring himself to admit to the Ottoman's ruthless treatment and genocide of the Armenians and other minorities. Thy got away with it then he seems to think he could get away with it now...would globalist idealists care or stop him?

      A most intelligent comment from cammo99! I agree. It would be a very good thing for Congress to take away that possibility of a Presidential waiver which exists now. And then the U.S. Embassy could be moved to Jerusalem whether or not Trump approves the move.

    The man in the Oval Office who said "I never break a promise" is about to break one now. He lied to the world about moving the U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem. How can a Jew like Jared Kushner tolerate a father-in-law who doesn't keep promises?

      From the Book of the Prophet Amos... "lo navi anochi v'lo ben navi".. I am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet.
      Reading the daily Israeli press leads me to believe that my comment, unfortunately, will come true. God protect us from those who break promises.

    It seems the whole world fears the muslim nations. They might get upset. It is truly sad that US the greatest country in the world don't have the balls. Only one and only one nation have the guts to stand up against muslim nations. God bless my beloved ISRAEL.

    Time to decide on it is long past -- horsetrade already the "Embassy" signs in Tel Aviv (which is no more capital of Israel than Vancouver is of Canada) with the "Consulate" signs in Jerusalem (which is the capital)!

    Greater is he who protects Israel than anyone or anything that would dare to attack her. Jerusalem is still David's capital.

    Remember, the Embassy would be in West Jerusalem which houses the Knesset, etc. The Pals and their supporters are just blowing smoke with the hope it will form a smoke screen.

    He is waffling. Turkey and various Arab countries are making threats and Trump is about to knuckle under. Lots of talk but again no action. I am quite disappointed.

    President Trump, please don't fail on this one, If you don't recognize Jerusalem as the eternal Capital of Israel, please stay in Tel-Aviv; to fail to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem you are LOWERING yourself to Obama's putrid swamp level, we voted for and we will do it again but, we hope you will show some American balls, an American President MUST NOT cave in nor bow before muslims like Obama did.

    The move should have been done already.

    Instead of writing dreck articles why doesn't WIN ask either Envoy Jason Greenblatt or US Ambassador to Israel David Friedmann their opinions on relocating the US Embassy to Yerushalayim,after all it's about responsible journalism,not conjecture ?

    MR President, the capital of the State of Israel is Jerusalem, while Tel Aviv is the biggest city. In New Zealand Wellington is the capital, while Auckland is the biggest city. Hence the US embassy is in Wellington. We just ask you that you move the US embassy from the big city of Tel Aviv to the capital city of Jerusalem. In return your name will be in Jerusalem's history for ever.

    The two main reason I voted for Trump were, Supreme Court and the move of the Embassy to the eternal capital of Israel, Jerusalem. He fulfilled the first now he must fulfil the second to get my vote in 2020.

    I said this over and over that the embassy would not be moved not due to Trump saying so but by Bibi saying now is not the time since he has good realtions presently with Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia against the remaining evil empires in Iran. They have a common enemy for now. Don't upset the apple cart Bibi has said.

    Move the Embassy to Jerusalem, Mr. President! Do what you promised, what's right and what should have been done years ago.

    Trump will turn out to become an EXPERIENCED POLITICIAN,say one thing on campaign trail then walk it back.We call that lying in the great state of Texas. He has caved in to the PA,UN,and the Arab/ Muslim world in general.He should have done his research on embassy movement before making empty promises that he is not following thru on.He is no different than Barack Hussein or as he called her LYING HILLARY,he is LYING TRUMP.

      He has not decided yet, as per WH' Sanders. Let's wait and see when he does make his mind. Then we can call the names.

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